Jesus in the Old Testament

A 6-week series on Jesus in the OT.   Topics include: Shadows of Jesus in Week 1: Noah’s Ark Week 2: Abraham’s Ram Week 3: Manna from Heaven Week 4: The Striken Rock Week 5: The Tower of Thebez Week 6: The Red Heifer    


Gospel in the Movies

A 5-week series on Gospel truths in cartoons/movies. [Special thanks to Jakarta City Blessing Church.]   Topics include: Week 1: Finding Nemo: Jesus Found Me Week 2: Kungfu Panda: I am Chosen Week 3: Lion King: I am a Child of the King Week 4: Beauty and the Beast: Jesus’ Love Transforms Week 5: Toy Story…


Beyond the Walls

A 4-week series on bringing Jesus beyond the walls of the church.   Topics include: Week 1: Evangelism beyond the walls: Philip & the Ethopian Eunuch (Acts 8:26-30) Week 2: Bringing Jesus’ name beyond the walls: Peter, John and the Lame man (Acts 3:1-10) Week 3: Compassion beyond the walls: The Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37)…

arise shine

Arise & Shine

A 5-week series on Arising and Shining as a Fellowship of Believers.   Topics include: Week 1: Arise Shine (Isaiah 60) Week 2: Devoted to God’s Word (Acts 2:41-47) Week 3: Devoted to Family Week 4: Devoted to Breaking of Bread Week 5: Devoted to Prayer    


Animal Christmas Tales

A 3-week Christmas series adapted from Children Ministry Deals’ “Manger Tales”. Topics include: Week 1: Donkey’s Story – Mary & Joseph (Matt 1:18-25) Week 2: Cow’s Story – Jesus’ Birth (Luke 2:1-7) Week 3: Sheep’s Story – Angels & Shepherds (Luke 2:8-20)    


Parables of Jesus

A 5-week series on some of Jesus’ parables.   Topics include: Week 1: Parables of Hidden Treasure & Pearl (Matt 13:44-46) Week 2: Parable of the Wise & Foolish Builder (Matt 7:24-27) Week 3: Parable of the Friend at Midnight (Luke 11:5-13) Week 4: Parable fo the Gracious Moneylender (Luke 7:36-50) Week 5: Parable of…


Psalm 23

A 7-week series bringing kids through Psalm 23.   Resource: Psalm 23 Activity Booklet   Psalm 23 Theme Song    

Jesus, our Victory

LESSON SUMMARY We are asked to run this race — our new life in Christ — well until the end. We do not do it for physical, temporary rewards. Our prize is a crown that lasts forever. But unlike the Olympic games, there are two major differences.   Firstly, everyone qualifies. The invitation to this…


Series on Book of Mark

A 14-week series introducing who Jesus is: His calling, life, miracles and parables.   Topics include: Week 1: Jesus is God’s Beloved: Baptism (Mark 1:1-11) Week 2: Jesus is Lord: Driving out the Impure Spirit (Mark 1:21-28) Week 3: Jesus is Able & Willing: Healing the Leper (Mark 1:40-45) Week 4: Jesus Forgives Sin: Healing…

Cross Exchange

Resurrection Sunday: The Cross Exchange

What is the result of the Cross Exchange? An Exchanged Life! Because Jesus died and rose again, our old life is GONE. We now live Jesus’ life in us! Let’s read Gal 2:20 together: I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I live in…