A Sound Mind Seminar with Ken Legg

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Sound Mind Seminar FB

Date: Oct 14-15, 2015 (Wed-Thurs)
Time: 8.30-9.45pm
Venue: tNCC, Wisma TA, Petaling Jaya
Fee: RM10; payable at the door on day of seminar


Many Christians struggle with negative emotions such as depression, fear, anxiety, bitterness, resentment, etc.

Why is this? If we are a new creation how is it Christians still carry this baggage around?

The answer is that whilst regeneration is God’s work, renewing of the mind is our responsibility.

In the ‘Sound Mind’ seminar, Ken Legg explains the principle of truth that sets us free – “Change the way you think and you will change the way you feel!”

He will show us from God’s Word how the dynamics of particular negative emotions operate and how to walk in freedom over these through correct thinking.

Ken’s book, “What’s Eating You” will also be available at the seminar.

Ken says: “The full title of my book is ‘It’s not what you eat that’s making you sick but what’s eating you!’ We can nurture good health in our bodies through sensible diet and exercise, but if we do not deal with the toxins produced by negative emotions our immune system will not cope. This will result in sickness and disease. In my book, and at the Sound Mind seminar, you will learn how to transform your heart through the renewing of your mind.”


Ken Legg is pastor of New Beginnings Christian Church on the Gold Coast of Australia.

He and his wife, Marianne, have been involved in church planting and pastoral/Bible-teaching ministries since 1974.

He has authored several other books, including “This is Life! (How to Establish Your Heart in the Grace of God)”, “New Covenant”, “New Glory” and many more.

Ken has spoken at conferences in Egypt, Zambia, Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia. He has also featured on a teaching programme on Christian TV and is a regular speaker on Christian radio.

Fee RM10, payable at the door on day of seminar.


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